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Car SPA & Cleaning


Gadi Care Recommendation on - Car Cleaning & Car Spa Services:

- Car Rubbing & Polishing in Jaipur:

  • Gadi Care uses 3MTM Products for all car rubbing & polishing service in Jaipur. Use of machine in car rubbing and polishing makes the car more shiner.
  • The same product 3MTM are used in car polishing service. 3MTM is the well-recognised brand in the world. The use of the machine makes it more reliable than the ordinary brands
  • Make your dull car like new one. Our car rubbing and polishing makes your car like new one. We remove all the miner screeches and clean all the dust which are still sticked with your car body

- Car Teflon Coating in Jaipur:

  • Gadi Care offers 3MTM Car Teflon Coating in Jaipur
  • Superb paint protection of your car
  • Machine uses in car Teflon Coating service
  • Exterior Car Rubbing & Polishing
  • Screech proof Teflon layer on car paint
  • Excellent car shining after coating
  • 3MTM Teflon Coating martials use

- Car Dry Clean Service in Jaipur:

  • Gadi Care offers Car Dry Clean Service in Jaipur
  • Interior Wash offered in Car Dry Clean
  • Superb Polishing is being used in Car Interior Polishing
  • Whole Car Interior Dust Cleaning
  • All Car Mats Washing
  • Car Interior Vacuuming

Quality products is used in - Car Rubbing & Polishing and - Car Dry Clean Service:

  • Gadi Care always focuses on using great quality products in - Car Rubbing & Polishing Services as well as - Car Dry Clean Services in Jaipur. Brand such as 3MTM, Extra Armor etc used in these - Car Services which are globally established.

Use of advanced equipment in - Car Rubbing & Polishing Service in Jaipur:

  • Gadi Care always upgrade its equipment and tools throughout all - Car Workshops in Jaipur. Advanced use of machinery makes your - car like showroom condition and reduces the overall spent time in the - Car Rubbing & Polishing as well as Car Dry Clean Services.

Frequently Ask Questions

Yes, we do offer car dry clean service at our workshops

It is very difficult to say but we recommend once in every 6 months.

We use only branded such as 3M for car rubbing and polishing.

Yes, we do offer Teflon coating as well.

Yes, we offer anti rust and rubber coating too.