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Denting & Painting

Denting & Painting

Gadi Care Recommendation on - Denting & Painting:

- Car Denting - Painting Service in Jaipur:

Rush traffic and unwanted car collisions causes your car dents Gadi Care offers - best Denting Painting service in Jaipur

  • A professional way to keep your car dent free Dent free cars look great
  • A dent free car has higher resale value with high demand
  • Rusting may arise due to dent, which reduces the car life
  • Good Painting job make your car like new

Gadi Care offers all kind of cars models denting painting service in Jaipur on your one click

  • Instant quotation by panel
  • Whole body dent & paint service
  • Fibre and plastic dent, repair and painting
  • Customised dent paint service

Modern - body-shop in Jaipur:

  • Gadi Care is specialised in - Dent & Paint service in Jaipur: Précised dent with excellent painting quality, Gadi Care offers best in class denting & painting auto body shop in Jaipur Advanced paint gun with modern paint booth always wait to make car like new
  • DuPont paint with A-Grade Primer: A-grade primer establishes the basic foundation of the paint Excellent DuPont paint finishes the over all paint quality of the car at Gadi Care workshops in Jaipur
  • Warranty on DuPont Paint: 2 years warranty offered after the dent paint of your car. Gadi Care makes this warranty as standard for all online as well off line customers when you choose Gadi Care’s car dent paint service in Jaipur

Frequently Ask Questions

We have professional team with industry leading modern tools for dent and paint for any Car. We do steel, iron, aluminium, fibre and plastic denting and painting. Dent, dings, scratches and paint chip rectification are offer in the service. Custom repair for denting painting also offered according to the customer demand.

Yes, the auto service provides 2-year warranty on paint on your Car.

We use computerized system to match the existing paint on your Car. The system automatically finds out the same colour codes. There is no margin of errors.

We use DuPont and Sikkens paint for Car painting. Both colours are top among the brands. It is up to you which 5 you choose for your Car. Along with the paint, we use A-grade primer and A-grade clear for outer paint coating.

A single panel generally takes 24 hours start to finish. Whole body paint takes 6-7 days. polishing and rubbing are time consuming so that it takes sometimes bit of longer.

The price and rates depend on the works. It is difficult to define the dent on the Car. You do not have to worry about the price, defiantly it will be economical.

Yes, we repair frame and chassis. It is cost effective to repair the Car body frame or chassis. Buying new frame and chassis is very expensive. We have modern tools and machinery for these kinds of works.

Yes, we offer hassle free insurance claims for accidental Car repairs. All you have to do just sit back and relax.

We work with almost all Car insurance companies. It makes our service more flexible for our customers.

The compulsory deductibles are same as denoted in your Car insurance policy. We never charge extra. It is always according government regulations.

You need to have your Car insurance policy, Car registration certificate, driving licence, Fir copy if your Car has legal claims, PAN number and Aadhar Card.

We always use OEM parts in any kind of service weather it is an insurance claims or without insurance or in general Car service.

Yes, we offer towing service as well.