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Engine Work

Engine Work

Gadi Care Recommendation on - Car Engine Work:

Something wrong with your - car brakes? Electrical faults? Rough suspension? Just book your - car engine inspection service at your doorstep.

- Engine Work offers in Jaipur:

  • Car Clutch Plate Replacement: This service is available with all our car workshops in Jaipur. We use only OEM/OES parts for car clutch plate replacement service
  • Car Engine Overhauling: Proper use of all engine parts, rings, pistons, cam saft etc works are being offered in this car engine services in Jaipu
  • Gearbox/Transmission Repair: Car gearbox or transmission works will be done by our experienced car mechanic in our car workshops.
  • Steering Repair: All kind of steering are repaired in our car workshops. Sometimes it is better to repair rather than change the car part for the saving of the customers
  • Electrical faults: We repair all kind of car electrical faults. We have experienced car electrician working with us

- Modern Machinery and tools:

  • Every workshop is equipped with modern tools and machinery. paint booths, dent pooling machines with all engine related tools, all such kind of machinery is ready for your - car

Warranty on Your - Engine Work:

  • Complimentary warranty is attached with your - . This warranty will be 2000 kms and 2 months. Feel free to book a service with Gadi Care.

Frequently Ask Questions

When your car gets older and has low pick up and low RPM then you need heavy engine works. But remember, first we need to check the turbo and EGR valve. If turbo, EGR valve are working properly and still the car does not have punch then we will go for heavy engine works.

Yes, we do work on car cylinders.

Yes, we do work on car pistons as well.

Our car repair service includes heavy car engine works, engine head repair and engine head gasket, suspension works, brake pads replacements, brake shoes replacements. For more details please visit our car repair service page from our website.

We always focus on quality work. Quality work always come with only OEM parts.

Actually, it depends on what kind of work will be done in the car. For example, if everything is fine, we take 3-7 days for heavy engine works. We will test your car before delivery.

Coolant expiry, coolant leakages, faulty air mass sensor, faulty front fan, faulty spark plugs and engine gasket damages are the general reason for car heating. These reasons can be alone or with one another. Engine gasket is the last option.

Your car is making white smoke due to faulty turbo. When car turbo spins and make gaps between spinning core and outer wall, your car will make white smoke. Please visit our website to rectifying this problem.

Your car is making black smoke due to faulty turbo. When car turbo spins and make gaps between spinning core and outer wall, your car will make black smoke. Please visit our website to rectifying this problem.

Pick drop may occur due to faulty turbo. When turbo is not working properly, your car does not get enough air for proper combustion. Please book a turbo repair service from our website.

Drop of RPM may occur when your turbo is not working properly. Please call us for turbo repair and replaces services.

EGR is exhaust gas recirculation valve. When your car has blocked EGR valve your car loses the pickup. Please book EGR valve cleaning services from our website.

The other problem apart from turbo replace and EGR cleaning may occur due to wear and tear of clutch plate and blockages of fuel filter. Please call us we will replace it.